Our Process

Our Foundations for IT Planning

Brunson White Advisors always starts with getting a thorough understanding of your business objectives and what you want your organization to accomplish.  Then we will work with you to validate where you are spending your time and resources on IT.  We analyze and document how your current IT department is organized and how you govern and manage this capability within the overall organization. Once these baselines are established, our propriety processes of IT Structure Organization can begin.


Our Approach

Our approach is more comprehensive than most processes that attempt to address IT performance.  Central to our approach is a focus on governance, measurement and execution, which is combined with BWA’s deep and rich experience in this type of analysis.  We combine the following areas to make sure you have a complete solution:

  • Risk Management including Cybersecurity
  • IT Metrics, Standards and Compliance
  • Leadership Development and Industrial Psychology
  • Enterprise Architecture




Assess 360


Our assessment methodology, Assess 360, combines a number of factors to evaluate various organizational size and structure alternatives.  This holistic approach uses multiple factors and measurements to provide a complete picture.  BWA uses a proprietary process to determine your overall IT complexity based on a number of proven indicators.  Assess 360 is rooted in international standards that are very well established with widespread success.



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